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Samsung S8+ no missed call notifications?

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I have not missde call
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I uninstall the true caller but problem is still there 

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I uninstall the true caller but problem is still there. Is there anything else I can do to fix this problem.

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Hi i am using a Samsung s8. I am facing the same problem of no missed call notification till i open the call log. 

I have tried the recommended actions but it has not helped. 

Any way i can resolve this issue. 





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In the last few days I started having the same issue of calls not coming thru (even thro I'm right next to the phone, it will sound like a text beep) and no missed call notifications along with no showing on my call log that I received these calls. It will go to my voice mail. I do receive text messages. Seems to started happening since the update I just received this last week, 9.0. I have read thru this forum and tried many options with no success. Although I have not tried the drastic factory reset. Samsung obviously this is an issue for this model. I am a Verizon customer (prepaid) wondering if that relates to any one else?? Thank you for your time and any help.

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I'm having same sort of issue but with my text messages. They don't show the numbers of texts over the text box like it use to leaving me to believe I have no texts until I manually look up that person and see they have sent one. Must be a 3rd party app but finding it will be tricky seeing this S9 plus is loaded already

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Hi, can you advise how to uninstall true caller step by step as I don't know how to do it. Thanks 

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