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Samsung S8 delivery date?

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Superuser I

@Grig that is really bad to be honest, I would hope they at least give some form of reparation for the time you have had to wait!

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I also called them 2 days ago about the problem and they said they would message me within the next 2 days but it has been 3 days already and still nothing from them. Everytime I call it's always the same thing, they tell me that they will send an email updating me but nothing has happened.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Send a message to the mod with ref number they will try to help you out.


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How do I send a message to them

AntS Moderator

@Grig I'm on duty until 3 this afternoon - but not due back on until Sunday. From then on it's ChrisM until 9, then tomorrow JessL and KellyM are your mods. (You've also got ThomO and TracyR as well as JordanH.)


Click on any one of our profiles, and then on 'Send a Message', and send us a PM with your order details (order number, name it's under, address and contact details used) and we'll be able to get in touch with the shop team to find out what's going on for you. 




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