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Samsung S8 Samsung Pay activation

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I bought  Samsung S8 from the German and I am not able to activate Samsung Pay. It says coming soon.


I live in Sweden and use Telia as my operator. I already used Pay here with my previous phone and I loved it.


Please help me!

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Hi @Mshebib


This could be linked to where you’ve bought the phone from and the version of software on it. 


For example I'm in the Uk and if I bought the Samsung Note Fe abroad and imported it back into the Uk then because of the firmware on it Samsung Pay wouldn’t work even though my Uk Bank is onboard with the service. 


The options are await for an update sometime in the future or look at putting a custom Rom on it but if you decide to look into doing this then please do lots of homework on it @Mshebib


Online sites such as Sam mobile and xdadevelopers have tutorials etc. 


Disclaimer > Putting a Custom Rom on your phone is entirely at your own discretion and I accept no responsibility if you decide to try this


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Thanks for answering. I thought so, but was hoping for an easier solution

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