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Samsung S8 Dual SIM. NO software updates

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 I have a Samsung galaxy S8 Dual sim brought in dubai there has been no software updates since I purchased the phone.

Could anyone tell me how to get software updates from 🇦🇪 uae. I have tried the settings option but it says that the latest software is installed. 

Phone details are below. 

Has anyone else had the same problem? 

Samsung Dubai says the it has Samsung galaxy 8s+ software installed not 8s software has anyone else got this and what is the difference? 


Samsung phone
Samsung S8 Dual SIM 4G LTE SM-G950FD 64G
Android version 7.0
G955FXXU1AQJ5 Baseband version.
Build number NRD90M
Android security patch level.
1 October 2017
Samsung version 8.1

AndrewL Moderator
@dtwinfield: Are you still based in Dubai? What I'd suggest at this stage is checking Smart Switch on your home computer as any available updates should be accessible here: Once installed, connect your phone using your Samsung USB cable and look for a prompt on the home screen next to your device details.
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Hi. I have the same problem with exactly the same phone specification! Does anyone have any idea?

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I have contacted Samsung UK. They don't want to know as they said that they don't have the software. UAE say that the software is S8+ and say bring it back to the shop. 

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No I am not based in Dubai. Smart switch says no updates are available. There has been security updates but I can't get them. Or orieo update is not available.
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