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Samsung S8 Dialpad/Keypad after Pie Update

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Device is S8 with Pie Update

The dialpad/keypad does not generate tones, in an ongoing call.

This creates issues when the call is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call. Navigation inside IVR is difficult.

I had this problem before with Android N/O versions as well.

Please advise. I have seen another thread but could not locate the right setting.


I have the same issues, there are many posts like this, why is there no one from Samsung responding?

I have noticed that the numerical keypad is white when starting but during a call is black (with no tones) and not always responsive especially when trying to complete a short survey after a call.

Most of the time I use loudspeaker which some people have said can be an issue, I'll check for this next time.

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