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Samsung S7 edge wont turn on and green notification light keeps blinking

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Ive just finished work and got my phone out of my coat pocket and it wouldnt turn on, well it looks that why because the screen is blank and black but the notification led light in the top left hand courner keeping flashing green


Ive tried to put it on charge but it doesnt vibrate when I plug it in or show anything on the screen, Ive tried to plug it into my laptop to see if it registers the phone but nothing comes up, Ive also tried turning it on with the power button and also tried to get it into recoverly mode and the one when you press the volume key and power to do a hard shut down but nothing comes up 


has anyone had this problem and does anyone know of a fix Ive tried to find a solution but cant find one with the green flashing notification light hope someone can help and if unable to find a solution would this be covered under the warrenty and would it cost me anything



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Hi @John94


Are you pressing the Volume Down and Home Button keys for 7-10 seconds ?


You could try the methods in here > Hard Reset Samsung galaxy-s7-edge. However be aware a hard reset can delete your information. 


Or find your most local Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store. 



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Hi, did you find how to solve it, I have the same problem. 

Hi, anyone find the solvation of this problem, I also have the same.

How did you solve the issue. I have a same problem

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