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Samsung S6 not charging correctly and when connecting to pc - pc does not recognise it

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Hi there, My S6 seems to be taking a very long time to charge. its connected to the charger that came with the phone. also when i connect it to the PC to download photos etc, it is not being reconginsied, i have tried this on more that one PC, likewise with the charging, as my partner also have a S6 and his works fine.


is it something to do with settings?


thanks in advance 

Hey Malcolm1,
Firstly, check there is no debris or dirt inside the port itself. Shining a torch can help. Also check for any blue oxidisation that might point to liquid damage.
If nothing and a known good fast adaptive charger and USB cable are not working then you have have a hardware issue. There are some variations of Android where you can switch off fast charging but this wouldn't affect your PC connection.
Might be worth dropping into a Samsung Support Centre to get an expert opinion.
As your device is an s6 you might just have some warranty remaining so I'd advise taking your Proof of Purchase with you.
Current device : S8 (G950F)
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