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Samsung S6 Charging issues

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I purchased  a samsung galaxy s6 last March and late last year and started using a wireless charging port with it. The phone now wont charge using a cable at all, i have tried the charger supplied and a range of different sockets, i have tried using a charger supplied with my S7 and also a universal and none of them work. I have even tried using a samsung car charger which used to charge it and still charges my S7 but wont charge my S6. 


It's pretty clear there must be an issue with the charging port. I have wriggled it around, used a pin to try and adjust it, restored the factory settings, updated the software but it still wont cable charge. Sometimes it stuggles to charge via the wireless pad. Is this a manufacture issue and if so how can i go about repairing this, and what would the cost be? 


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Hi @Spongedot1.


Are you able to pop in to a Samsung Support Centre to have it checked out? Repair quotes are based on an individual case-by-case basis.


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