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Samsung Profile Sharing Incorrect number


I am not sure if this is relevant to people with this problem, but with the phone number displayed in "About phone" in the Settings, the original number of the sim card card was shown and could not be changed. 

Recently the Android Operating System (OS) was updated and I have found that the number now displayed shows the new SIM card number.  This has happened in my and my wife's S7 since I upgraded to the later OS.



Hi @Trundle


The number in the "About phone" section, can be changed by putting the sim into an iPhone, and changing it that way. However even after performing this, it doesn't affect the profile sharing number, since the old number is still registered in the profile sharing database. The only we have found so far to overwrite it, is too create a new samsung account, and sign in with that account. Then sign out of that account, and sign back in with the original samsung account.






As I stated, it might not be relevant!

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I have now had this issue on a s6 ,s7 and s9 and still don't have a fix for it .


Samsung kept directing me to Sprint and Sprint redirecting me to Samsung. I was on the phone with both for over 2 hours!!! How frustrating is that!!! 

All thanks to you, it got fixed!!!!!! 

I don't know if you work for either companies or not or how you managed to be the ONLY smart individual who knew how to fix this but again thank you!!!!! I appreciate you so much!!!! 

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I can't get the Samsung Fin my Phone to work because it only has my old number... How do I fix this?


So I tried this but the same old number shows

In my case, an entire different number with a lady's image appears. I keep editing and it keeps going back to the same old thing. Samsung tech asked me to do factory reset. This does not help. What do I do?

I believe I've come up with a better solution to this issue.


1) I clicked on Verify to see what the system would do.

2) It then tried to verify against the old number, and advised that it was not able to.

3) It made the Contact Number field editable so that I could update it to my new number.

4) Changed my Number and Submitted/Verified successfully.


Issue Resolved.

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Thanks! This worked for me
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