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Samsung Pay app not working on my Note 8 device

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Hi all, I recently purchased the Note 8 and everything is working except for the Samsung Pay app. Whenever I attempt to launch the app it says 'checking availability' quickly followed with an error/not available message written in French (please refer to attached screenshot). At that point, I cannot press anything to bypass the message other than completely backing out of the app. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Many thanks.



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Is it a French version of the Note 8 you have @dubham? Go to Settings > Apps and scroll down to Samsung Pay and click on the app and scroll down to Storage and in the there clear the Data and the Cashe and underneath the Samsung Pay app is the Samsung Pay Framework app click on that too and scroll down to Storage again and clear the Cashe in there too . Also go to Settings > Connections > Location and switch it on and see if allowing the app to read your location helps getting the English page up.


And you are in the UK aren't you?

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hi there similar thing is happening, not sure wat to do please help thanks!

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Hi @John4Oh, no this is indeed the UK version of the note 8. I have already cleared the data and cache for the app, however this did not fix the issue. In addition, my location is already turned on and is even on the ' high accuracy' setting , but I am still getting the error pop up in French. The only thing I can think of doing is a factory reset , but very reluctant to do so. 

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@dubham: 'Tis indeed quite odd.


Assuming that your Note8 is indeed a UK version on official firmware; that your location is indeed set in the UK; and the phone doesn't talk to you in French generally; then it might be worth checking if you've definitely got  the UK version of the Samsung Pay app on your phone before taking the plunge with a data backup & factory reset.


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I did a factory reset did not work.  Called samsung no help

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Check out this link@Paulem. It might be your account settings are set to France (they can be changed to the UK). If you're still experiencing issues after this, the Accounts Team can be contacted on 0800 995 1079. 

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hey there, I cant get the app on my phone to work either, its a galaxy note 8 unlocked N950f

the app sais its not compatable with the phone and ive reset the data and cache, un installed and re installed it, made sure the loaction is right, which it is, but it just wont work.

it didnt come installed with the phone, it was the only samsung app that didnt come with it.

any idea what to do? i really dont want to have to reset my phone

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Was also having the same issue buh what I did was went to apps and force stopped the SP app then went to Galaxy appstore and searched for the Samsung pay app and updated it. It's was about a 100mb or so after that it launched and everything is fine. I love the Note8.. onelove samsung
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Go to apps force stop that app then go to the "Samsung" appstore, search and update the Samsung pay app. I hope that works for you. Goodluck.

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