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Samsung Note 8 constantly streaming data?

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I have Samsung Note 8,a few weeks ago I noticed that my modem’s wifi light is continously flickering(blinking) 24x7 without any interruption and whenever I turn-off the wifi of my Note 8, flickering stops. I have other mobile devices(Android 9) in my house but none of them have this problem. I factory-reseted the device but that didn’t help. I turned off microphone and camera permissions for all apps, turned off android auto updates but streaming of data continues.

Is this normal? How can I determine the cause of the stream?

Also during the android reset I get "#fail to open recovery cause" message but reset works fine.


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Superuser I
Doesn't sound good. Either you got a custom flash that didn't go well or your factory flash is corrupt. In the second case I recommend going to a Samsung service point to reflash the device. Perhaps that could breath some life into it ^-^

You can find the service centres here:
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Can you put your phone in Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and then see what happens ?



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