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Samsung? Never again!


Ive had nothing but problems with my S8 Plus, repair after repair and the same faults keep occurring! These very faults, many others are having! This device is the worst purchase I've ever made and Samsung Support are no better!


These very problems will, no doubt, carry over to all it's phones inc. the S10 range and onwards!


First off I had my Sub-board replaced under warranty due to the fast charge feature not working and also screens replaced due to the screen-burn! 


Today, the fast-charge feature has again stopped!


Screen-burn is a major problem! A new display each time will not resolve the issue! I even made contact with Samsung Support about the screen-burn returning and what a mission that was to resolve. Samsung tried saying they never repaired the screen and instead returned the phone because it's display was cracked! I then proved this wasn't the case and that they're confusing matters. At least they apologised but after that they ignored me! I've heard nothing about this screen-burn and today the charging screws up!


What a complete waste of money! Never again!



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Superuser I
Sorry to hear that you had a horrible experience, a moderator will be with you soon to assist you with getting your phone into the warranty process (Considering its still covered ).

That said, the experience you had is far worse than usual, the performance of my last two galaxy phones where stellar and my next phone will definitely be a Galaxy Phone.

And that is completely unrelated to my status as a "Superuser", it just represents my personal experiences as a costumer

Anyway, I just hope that the issue will be resolved soon

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Well I am a samung Fan and have always used them phones but I have to agree sometimes some devices have manufacturing problem and no matter what you do to them its hard to get them fixed, the only solution is change of mother board which is without a doubt expensive choice, I would rather suggest to sell your samsung s8 to one of the recycling websites, and try to get another one. These websites also buy broken devices, I sold mine to them guys. paid me okayish price buy wasnt without my fone for ages thats torture. 

But from my experience, i can tell if your phone isnt fixed by samsung the first time, its better just to give up and get rid of the phone. There are millions of components in every device and its nearly impossible for all mobile phones to work perfectly fine and sometimes hard to know the issue without contantly using the phone as a user rather than a tester.


I hope it helps. 



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Is this serious. I've to think twice now before buying a samsung device!


It was repaired by Samsung and when I spend a good amount of money on a new device, I expect it to work! Not continuously fail until my warranty expires and then I'm screwed! I'm yet to hear from Samsung but that doesn't surprise me!

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Superuser I
As far I know Samsung offers a 3-month warranty on repairs, so even if a phone tends to continuously fail due to a technical defect, it should still be covered.

Anyhow, I'm not in the position to judge your case because I have no access to the history.
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Hi @ShaVerZ . Not what we like to hear. Do you have a callback from our Customer Relations Team arranged by one of my Support colleagues about what's happened? If so, I can check into that; or, if you like I can arrange a callback for you. Just send me a PM with your customer reference number and details.


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Sorry for the delay getting back to you and thanks for replying, I have been unwell as of late but all good today.


I've heard nothing whatsoever and the screen-burn is very bad and getting worse. As I've mentioned previously, I've already had my screen replaced and the screen-burn started to return within a few months.


Even if the screen is replaced again, I very much doubt it will stop this from happening.


What annoys me most is that I saved up the funds to get this phone and I've had nothing but problems! However, the fast-charging seems to be working again now. Sometimes it will fail but re-inserting the cable resolves this.


The sub-board has also been replaced by Samsung.


I'll see if I can find my customer reference number and DM yourself, do you require anything else from me?


Many thanks for your assistance and speak soon.

I'm trying to DM you but when I send, nothing happened. I tried a few times sending but now get the following error;

You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later.

Have you received anything from me?
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Hi @ShaVerZ. No worries about the delay in getting back to me. Hope that the illness wasn't something too serious. :(


Nothing from you in my PM inbox - and it looks like you encountered one of the board's automated anti-spam measures there. Worth trying again later.


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