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Samsung Mail App S7 Edge 5MB Limit?



seems to be something with the exchange-/active-sync-connector. We are using an own Exchange-Server here. Some of our users changed from iOS-devices to Android-devices. Now they can´t download "big" attachements anymore. German error message "Herunterladen nicht möglich. Datei zu groß." (Download not possible. Filesize too large). With iOS Mail App we don´t have this problem (we tested the same user with iOS and Android) . Error only appears on Android-based phones. Our Exchange-Server does not have a limitation of ActiveSync-attachement size - because ist works with iOS. We have tested Samsung Galaxy S10 and other phones with android - the same issue there. So it seems to be an issue with Android itself. Maybe Google knows something about this issue? We now decided to use only iOS-based phones for our business - bye bye Samsung :-(

Regards George



After all this time I am glad that someone has also identified this issue.

Same size problem also with sending attachments!

Very arrogant of Samsung to ignore this issue.

Did you ever get Samsung to acknowledge this?

I am about to get a new phone - but at the moment not Samsung.



Hello, we had now a remote-support-session with Samsung. The supporter configured an Test-Office365-Account from Samsung and there it was possible to download attachements bigger then 5MB. Then we configured our Exchange-Account completey new together. There it was not possible to download attachements bigger then 5MB again. Samsung-Support changed the Viewer-App for the Samsung MailApp (from Chrome to WebView) - but this did not help.  Then we decided to try the official Microsoft-Outlook-App. With Outlook it was not possible to view any attachements. Samsung told me, that there are many request regarding MailApp & Inhouse-Exchange at Samsung-Support since 6 Weeks now. But Samsung did not found the cause of the problem. They think that it may be a security-configuration within Exchange. But this does not explain, why we can download attachements smaller then 5MB and why all iOS-Devices here can download attachements bigger then 5MB without problems. We will now investigate on our own Exchange-Server and I will come back in a few days with a report. Regards, George

I have the same issue with sending emails greater than 5-7MB in size using Exchange 2013.
George - do you also have issues sending or just receiving?

Same problems with sending bigger attachements here...


now we have solved the problem with our Samsung / Android devices & Exchange. Here is the solution, that helped us.

Microsoft has published some information concerning message size limits with Exchange 2010,2013,2016,2019. Here are the articles from Microsoft concerning this issue:

General limits in Connectors, Transport-Services, Server-Limits etc.:

Special Limts with ActiveSync, Web Services, OWA etc.:

Not all limits are available with all Exchange-Server versions. With our Exchange-Server (2010) the limit which limits the attachement size with the Samsung App was a limit in the ActiveSync or WebService section in the second URL. We increased all limits in all sections. Beware that some limits are coded in bytes and some are coded in kilobytes! Don´t forget to restart the IIS after increasing limits.

Now we are able to download (and send) large attachement with the Samsung MailApp :-)

Seems, that iOS does not respect some limits :-)

Hope this will help...


Thanks for this useful information.

For many of us using hosted exchange providers, pursuading them to make changes to their 'standard' configuration is a complete non-starter. Fasthosts are one such company who declined to look any further into this issue and just pointed the finger firmly at Samsung.

Reading the links kindly provided by George, it does seem that some Exchange versions 'work' and others need config amendments.

SAMSUNG - can you either provide a workaround (like Apple iPhones which seem to work) or provide a list of Exchange versions that do not impose this limitation?


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I had the same problems with my S10 and the Tab S4 (both android 9)

I changed that value to 26000 an now i can sent and recive emails with about 16 MB


Thanks a lot - you mode my day!

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