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Samsung Health features disappeared


has anyone else lost all the features on Samsung health since the last update??


I no longer have even the heart rate monitor..


I open the app and all that is available is the step tracker ( so now own an expensive pedometer)


This has happened on my s10plus and s8plus in the last week!!!


I tried to uninstall and cleared cashe then restarted install and app to still be in the same situation 



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Mad-Gilbert 


Did you manage to sort this issue out with your Samsung Health app?


No sorry to say had no help in this matter at all... went to the o2 shop who just said must be a Samsung fault wait for the next update it might get fixed.. and when I went to the app store I got a reply requesting me to phone Samsung Korea to see if someone might be able to help.. like that's going to happen... I have uninstall and tried again.. still no luck.. 

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I have since this weekend lost my favs list unless I search for something I know is on the list then it appears, program was okay last week though.

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Same happened for me, it broke when the app updated 

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@MelanieBee wrote:

Same happened for me, it broke when the app updated 

Hi the new update yesterday fixed this 

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