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Samsung Galaxy a5 phone issue

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Hello please help I'm very worry about that thing.

It's a Samsung Galaxy a5, when i calling someone or not but sometimes miss calls show on screen that i open phone list and if i click on it then ask for sequre folder to unlock then i unlock it ,it's will be disappear. I don't know that thing in older version the current version is 8.1 or 8.0 .

Please please help me what's matter that if you understand my little English, thanks 20190110_201726.jpg




ChrisM Moderator

Just to recap, @A5_cable. When you receive a missed call, you get a notification, but when you enter your Secure Folder to view the call, it disappears. Is this correct?

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no i mean when i click on that thing it will ask for open source folder and when i unlock sequre folder it will disappear 

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