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Samsung Galaxy S8: unlocking issue

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 since about 2 years now. This morning suddenly the unlocking pattern was incorrect, according to the device. However, this is the pattern I have been using since ages. So, my phone is still locked.


I tried to unlock from distance via Find My Phone, but apparently it hasn't been enables in my phone settings. 


Is there another way to solve this? And what's the cause of this?


I am currently backing up everything from my phone to the cloud in case I need to do a hard reset. 


TessM Moderator

Hey @BART_VW ,


do you have any other security settings enabled on the phone to try to unlock this? If not, Have you attempted to soft reset the phone? If you haven't done so hold the Power and Volume Down buttons until the phone restarts. 


In the case that you have any other security settings (fingerprint, PIN..). Could you try to enable the remote control on the phone and try to remove your security from the phone using Find My Mobile app

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