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Samsung Galaxy S8 screen glitch ~ pixels flickering all over the screen.


Hey,so i've tried to look around and find a solution but i havent seen anything similar. i think i may have got a defective phone but basically ive run into this problem ~ when scrolling through my gallery or playing the game ( hearthstone ) there are multiple pixels and groups of pixels that start to flicker all over the screen. Its like a large clump of pixels cant be rendered and are just coming up as errors or something. 
When i tried to play hearthstone the flickering is constant, areas and groups of pixels constantly flickering what looks like white pink and purple lights and there doesnt seem to be any pattern of where the flickering is. 

The gallery on the other hand only flickers when the screen is actively creating new images, so i.e if i scroll down the pixels randomly begin to flicker but if i dont touch the screen and it is 'idle' for say there is no issue.
I  was able to conclude that this might just be some hardware issue and i have yet to run into this issue on any other app or just in general when using the phone so im not sure what the problem is. 
This may seem like a relatively small problem for some but this is quite a let down for me and id like to find a way to remedy the situation , I've tried all the different displays like AMOLED Cinema but i keep it on Adaptive, i've also tried to lower the resolution and test the problem and it still occurs so im all out of ideas right now and dont know where to turn, is this is hardware issue? do i get the phone returned ? will i even be able to return it?
Anyways, thanks in advance for any help ^^!

TracyR Moderator

Hey @KingHarv!


There's two things that I'd like to try with you:


1) Head over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests. Try clicking on the 'Blue', 'Red' and 'Green' options, do the pixels appear here?


2) Let’s try starting your phone up in Safe Mode, to do this, turn off your phone then hold down the Power button to turn your phone back on, then as it is starting back up, hold down the Volume Down button until the home screen appears. Safe Mode will now display in the Left hand corner. Once your phone is in Safe Mode, try scrolling down the Gallery and let me know if the pixels are still dancing around. 



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Hey Tracy, Thanks for the help but ive still got the problem though.

I went into the dialpad like you said and checked the RGB display with the corresponding colours and all the pixels show up with the corresponding colour, no dead pixels , all fine. 
I then booted into safe mode and scrolled through the gallery but the problem still remaines as the pixels are flickering all around. Is there anything else you can do or suggest for me to try :(?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @KingHarv.


In that case, we recommend backing up your phone and performing a full factory reset. This will help to reconfigure the software and give the phone a fresh start. You can back up your phone using Smart Switch which can be downloaded for your PC here. Once the backup is complete, go to: Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset. Let us know how you get on with this!


Hey Chris, Thanks for replying , I followed your instructions and factory reset the phone, i then transfered all the backed up files back over and checked the gallery, seemed like the glitching had stopped so i was feeling optimistic that it would carry over to hearthstone aswell, however the problem ended up still being there, frantic sporadic pixel glitching all around the screen. Anything else i can do from here ?

JessL Moderator

In that case, @KingHarv, we'd recommend popping into one of our Service Centres about this so that an engineer can take a look. 


You can find your nearest one here. :cathappy:


Let us know how you get on!

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did you get the problem resolved??


I am having the same issue.



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i have the same problem when scrolling through my gallery slowly there are multiple pixels and groups of pixels that start to flicker all over the screen. but if i scroll down fast no problem occurs ,so its hard to find a specific image if im scrolling that fast. Note: this happens in the gallery only

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Clash and @SheilaKDesigns.


Have you tried any of the troubleshooting mentioned above?

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Sprint switched out my phone. Problem resolved

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