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Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F still hasn't updated to Android 9.0

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Its an unlocked S8 I bought from amzon (no carrier) with no 'working' sim and trying to manually update it using the bios and downloaded files has proven unsucessfull 

Current version is G950FXXS3CRG1 / G950FOXM3CRG1 / G950FXXS3CRG1

Smart Switch Says "Your device software is up to date: RG1(XEU)"

Model Number isSmartSelect_20190509-162440_Settings.jpg

Wasn't able to find anything about my specific version online so unsure what to do

AndrewL Moderator

@DTerminator: I recommend trying Smart Switch on your home computer if you aren't on a network. You can download the relevant version for PC or Mac via the following link.

Once installed, connect your S8 via USB cable to your computer and look for an update prompt on the Smart Switch Home Page, next to your phone's information. If the phone was intended for use outside your current region then this can affect your ability to update your device due to software and hardware variances. 

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I've already mentioned that smartswitch on desktop says its up to date. And I am in Germany and bought it in Germany so unsure what to do

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