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Samsung Galaxy S8, Can't Uninstall Apps via the homescreen anymore

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Dear Community, 


For a half year now, I am unable to uninstall apps via the home screen. I can drag and drop them on remove to get them off the homescreen, but when I drop them on the trash icon it doesn't happen anything. The same problem persists for the app list. Uninstalling apps via the settings menu still works, but is a bit tedious when I again install tons of games to test and want to get rid of them afterwards.


Does anyone have an idea what I can do? Ot does anyone know the related system service, so I can clean and restart it?


Thank you in advance!

- Tobias

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Gnietschow! Third party apps are the only ones that can be actually uninstalled from the phone, whereas Samsung embedded apps can't be deleted whatsoever. The best way to uninstall third party apps is to hold your finger on the app icon as this will bring up a little menu with different actions you can do. Among them there will also be "uninstall". Does it make it easier?

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Hey CarLoL,


it doesn't work with any app icon on my homescreen. Uninstalling them from the settings menu does work and removing them too, but not uninstalling.

I think I don't have this menu already as I can't bring it up. When I hold my finger on the app icon, it will drag and two buttons appear "Remove" and "Uninstall", but not a list. Maybe my Android version is too old, in the settings menu is statet that I'm using Android 9 with One UI-Version 1.0, last updated on 27th October 2019.

CarloL Moderator

Hey! When you hold your finger on the app icon and you select uninstall. Does the third party app get uninstalled? If so, this would be the quickest way to uninstall third party apps at the moment, aside from uninstalling them from the Settings menu. Let's also make sure that your phone is running on the latest software version by heading to: Settings > Software update > Download udpates manually. 

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