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Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Random re-boots, freezing and lagging.


Since upgrading to Android 6.0.1 my Note 4 has suffered from random re-booting, black screening, dreadful lagging and non responsive soft and hard keys. This can happen at almost any time, but  particularly when attempting to enter the unlock password. Also irrespective of the level of charge in the battery.


The phone has at leat 50% of its RAM free and also the battery is fairly new. There were no issues with the phone prior to upgrading to Android 6.0.1.


Has anyone else had similar problems after upgrading to 6.0.1 and if so, is there any fix for this problem?



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Hey @The_Sentinel.


Let’s try clearing your cache partition, to do this follow these steps: Turn your phone off, then press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons together. Once all buttons are held for a few second your phone should vibrate - at this point you can release all buttons. Samsung recovery mode will now be displayed. Scroll down and select 'Clear Cache Partition' (Use the Volume keys to scroll and the Power button to select). Once this is complete, scroll down and select 'Reboot System Now'. 

This will wipe away any unnecassary data from youe phone - it will not affect your personal data.


We can also try a hardware test for your soft keys: Go over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests. Select Sub-key; in this mode pressing in the soft keys will change the home screen display to a different colour. Go through them one by one and let me know the results.





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I have exactly the same problems following thr update to Android 6.01   .

At the moment my phone is unusable .

I have done all the suggestions without any success .ie. refreshing chashe , resetting it to default factory settings .

I am hoping that Android will soon create a  Patch for this nonesense .



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None works for my note  ,no matter how many times i carried out what you suggested . It is Android mess . It realised the update without throughly testing it on major devices .


I'm having exactly the same issues as described above - updated the phone last week with new update that had been pushed, it then went into a boot loop for about an hour, ended up doing reset using kies which got it working again but phone now freezes randomly, during calls etc, and I'm on the verge of getting rid as I need my phone for work - will there be a fix imminently or is this my last Samsung phone? 


Hi @Sugur! Is this issue now resolved? If not, I'd recommend visiting one of our Support Centres for further assistance from our engineers. For your nearest one, head to: is there one nearby?


Hey @Timmo! Thanks for going through the troubleshooting process. At this point I'd suggest visiting one of our Support Centres for further assistance from our engineers. It's a drop in service and they will aim to inspect your phone in the same visit. To find your nearest one, head to: is there one close to you?


Hi Carolina


Sadly not - the nearest one is 200 miles away in London according to the link you sent.


I've just ordered a oneplus 5 as I need my phone for business and as I mentioned before can't have a phone which freezes mid call. 


I was waiting for the note 8 but am not happy the way things have transpired with the note 4




We also offer a postal inspection/repair service if you like? Please contact us on this link for further repair options with your Note 4:


Hi @Timmo........I have tried all the fixes posted on this forum and nothing works.


I also took the phone to the Samsung Experience Store in Cardiff. They told me not to waste my money trying to get the phone fixed, but to put my money into a new phone, as the Note 4 was 'old technology' now (surprise, surprise !)


Following the Android 6.0.1 O/S upgrade, the phone eventually would not even turn on. Also, when plugging it into a PC via a USB cable, I got the message ' device not recognized'.


The phone was otherwise in mint condition and I eventually got tired of wasting so much of my valuable time trying to get it to work. I sold it on eBay as "Not working / for parts only"  and had 20 watchers on the phone and over 500 viewings. got a good price for it too!


I've replaced the Note 4 with a Galaxy S8+ and so far, so good. However, I still prefer the Note 4 for certain things.


Good luck with getting your phone sorted, I gave up with mine after many, many hours of frustration!

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