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Samsung Galaxy J3 deleted photos in the gallery by mistake, can I retrieve them please?

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Did you back them up to any online vault such as Google Drive, DropBox as examples or into any relevant Sd Card @Helen49


Or use Samsung cloud as described here > samsung-cloud-a-better-way-to-upgrade-back-up-and-sync-your-galaxy-device


If not then they will be gone from your Gallery. 


There are various software suites usually at a purchase cost that purports to be able to recover deleted items. What level of success these are i cannot confirm or endorse. 


Samsung wouldn’t in my opinion be able to assist.


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If you have made a make up file on the computer or Cloud account, it is really simple to access delete photos on your Samsung phone. If not, the only solution is to find a reliable and professional Samsung photo recovery program, so try it.


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Yes, it is possible to restore your deleted photos from Samsung galaxy phones. You may try this tutorial that helped me last time: Samsung phone photo recovery solution


It helped me last time. Hope that you can restore your lost photos from your J3 phone.

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