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Samsung Email Version Issues

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@rgsilverman wrote:

WOW!  I managed to downgrade to the old version!!!  I think I got lucky.  I went to the Play store and searched for the email app.  I hit Uninstall,  it spins around for a while,  I guess because I cant be uninstalled,  but eventually when I went back to the email app,  It was on the old version!!!   Im up and running again!  




Good Luck everyone


I was having same issues but then I formatted my phone. Now I am forced to use exchange in gmail kind of account. Can you help ke with some other way I can use exchange in same old way. This gmail kind of account is pathetic.

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@oldmaidstonian wrote:

I do no receive push notifications on my Samsung J5 with Samsung email app so still not fixed. I have to open app to get emails.

Yep, the same issue as I've got - it's as if the app goes to sleep periodically. A couple of observations I've picked up on since this issue started a few months back..

1: If I run device maintenance and close down all sleeping/open apps, this seems to prod a sleeping email into life and unblock "missing" notifications.

2: If I change from WiFi to mobile, or vice versa, this has a habit of prodding a sleeping email into life.

3: If the phone is just left, it *usually* unblocks itself after a few hours. But not always.

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I have the same issue, mails are stuck in Outbox using data mobile network (Works on Wifi). We're using exchange ActiveSync.


Actions :

- I cleaned the partition cache

- I Installed Samsung email BETA


Problem is still present. I don't know what to do anymore. We have a fleet of devices using Samsung Email app, this kind of issue from a big company like Samsung is not acceptable.


Old version works perfectly with Exchange (S8 on Android 9)

 I downgraded back to that version from the original faulty

So option is to downgrade (if thats practical for multiple phones) To do that you'll need to;

1. Uninstall current version

2. Turn off auto update in Google Play Store and in Galaxy Store. Leave it off otherwise auto-updating will take you back to square one.

3. Configure phone to allow "unknown" apps to install

4. Download APK from a mirror site. Just search for - there are several to found. Softpedia is one and has instructions on point 3 above.

5. Install and set up Exchange account again if needed.


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@Gandalf2 wrote:
I updated the email system yesterday and now I cannot send emails from my phone. First time this has happened and not sure how to fix it. I am able to receive but not send. I can send emails through the same email system on other devices. Thanks!


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I've exactly the same issue, with latest version of email app I can receive but I can't send.

no OpenVpn, since one of thoses updates...

"samsung email" connects only via direct WiFi. I get no nework activity at all via OpenVPN.

the older version works, yes, but since I have to reinstall all our devices I can also switch to a decent client

wt-actual-f samsung !?


Hi all, so I've just upgraded from a Samsung S7 to an S10+, and I can't send emails from the native email client v6.1.01.0 (the latest version I can get).  Deleting emails from the app also won't sync correctly.  So I installed Outlook which works perfectly.  Come on Samsung, what the hell is going on?

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Same issue on Samsung S7 Edge. I've contacted Samsung Support twice, they advised to clear the app's cache which didn't work and then requested that I reset my app preferences, which I also did and still not working. No luck with their support! The developers need to fix this asap!


Weirdly my issue self-fixed.  Which makes no sense.  Several days later after the upgrade from an S7 to S10+ I noticed the native Samsung just started working correctly.  I originally uninstalled out of frustration and also to see if I could go back a version.  Anyway I reinstalled and the same issue.  But then it just started functioning correctly. So I'm now running the Outlook app alongside just in case.

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