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Samsung Email Version Issues




I have the same problem on Galaxy A8 (SM-A530W), It's running Android 8.0.0 and latest security patch. On the Bell Canada network.


But on the Galaxy S8, Same version of Android and security patch as well as same version of Samsung Email no problem at all.


The account are Microsoft Exchange Active sync from the company I work at.


I'm pleased that more people are reporting this. I also use an Exchange account. BTW there is still no update to fix the issue.
Thank you.
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Only fix is to roll back. Samsungs QA really dropped the ball here.


Ya I think so too.


But someone is able to explain how can I roll back to previous version?


In thre app I do not have the option to rool back, and in Samsung Store, the only version available is this miserable last one


This is really discoraging from Samsung, knowing the problems they are doing to Exchange servers users.


If someone can inform how to install previous versions, I would apretiate a lot.




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When you go in the email app you touch the three dots in upper right and hit uninstall updates.


Looks like the Email app has been rolled back to a previous version in Google Play and Galaxy Store.


To install the previous version you will need to uninstall the Email app. Note you will lose your configured accounts.


Uninstall in Settings/Apps, find Email, open and select storage, clear Cache and clear Data. Select back, if the uninstall button is available select it, otherwise find the Email app in Galaxy Store and select Uninstall. Once uninstalled, select Install, and then proceed with setting up your account(s) again.


Note: Uninstall hung in Goole Play on one of my devices, this left my old Email Account in Accounts but it was unuseable. That is why I recommend the above uninstall steps.


All of my devices are running the previous version and sending email works now.


I hope this helps.


"Drizzle520 - When you go in the email app you touch the three dots in upper right and hit uninstall updates."


FYI: This must be device depended, because I did not find uninstall updates where you stated.

Thanks, but losing the account is annoying. I realized today I have 20 emails in my outbox... which I am afraid of loosing if I roll back. This is so frustrating!!

There are two options to save the emails in the outbox, each requires opening each email and selecting the menu in the upper right hand corner, than choose one of the following choices.


1. "Move" them to another sub folder, then make sure the folder syncs with the server. Note: you can't move them to one of the standard folders.


2. "Save email as file", I have not tried this option, so I don't know what you need to do to open it later. Note: it won't save attachments.


It is really inadmissable that Samsung knowing the importance of Exchange acoounts for may and may of their clients did not yet rush to resolve this anoing issue.


I am realy disapointed with them !!!!




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