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Samsung Email Version Issues


After las update my Samsung e-mail app in my Note 8 does not send e-mails on my Exchange account. I receive OK, but all e-mails I wrote stay stucked on my "send" box, not send them.

I clear app cache and clear all Note 8 with hard reset mode, but so lucky.

Two colleages of my witj samo Note 8 and Android version and uodates e-mail app ate also stucked.

I beleive is something to do with lasr update of e-mail app thar generate a problem with Exchange accounts and servers.

Please Samsung correct asap this problem, because I am oblige to use a 3rd party app that I like less.

If some one find turn arround, pleas inform me. Thank you. Jose


I tried the wipe cache partition,  Galaxy Note 9..   Did not work for me.  I cannot send emails on Wifi or Mobile data.


Very frustrating.. 


Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.

Please email and/or phone Samsung so that they are aware of the issue when they upgraded their email app. They clearly did not set the parameters for outgoing email settings for Exchange Accounts and perhaps other types because many people have since been unable to send emails using this app (we can send emails on any other device EXCEPT the Samsung phone email app). This is clearly a serious error on Samsung's part.


WOW!  I managed to downgrade to the old version!!!  I think I got lucky.  I went to the Play store and searched for the email app.  I hit Uninstall,  it spins around for a while,  I guess because I cant be uninstalled,  but eventually when I went back to the email app,  It was on the old version!!!   Im up and running again!  




Good Luck everyone


Well done!

I agree, do NOT do this upgrade to Samsung email.


Were you able to downgrade the app to the old version?

I just did that a few minutes ago. I was able to do that thanks to you. I am however waiting on old emails (e.g. in sent items, deleted items and other folders) being re-downloaded again through the server. Have you retained all of your previous emails? Mine so far is just going back a few days. Excellent sleuthing on your part! THANK YOU!

Yea,  It took a little while to download but I got back everything.   Great to hear!

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While not as critical as some other problems documented in this thread, I've noticed since being upgraded to V6.0.01.11 last week, the "push" element of my IMAP email account on my Galaxy A3 has taken to periodically going to sleep. If you load the email app after a period of time, the "last synched" time is several hours before during which time emails have arrived - the app automatically synches and down come all the mails. But the "instant delivery" element which generates Android notifications, has become noticeably less reliable.

Tweaking the various settings, sync time intervals, toggling SSL on/off etc, all serves to give the sync a short-term kick but uiltimately just delay the sleep until a bit later.


I hope Samsung correct this inadmissable error very soon.

This all situatios sucks.

I hope that they expect to correct this error with the upgrade to Android Pie, because I do not intend for the next several months update my actual Android, taking in view all the criticisms and problems Pie is giving to a lot of users.

Let's press Samsung to correct this app ASAP.

For me, by now I gave up Samsung email and I using Outlook instead. No rpoblems there.

Beste regards.


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