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Samsung Email Version Issues

I updated the email system yesterday and now I cannot send emails from my phone. First time this has happened and not sure how to fix it. I am able to receive but not send. I can send emails through the same email system on other devices. Thanks!
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I have exactly the same issue on mobile data.
If you switch Wifi on emails can be sent.

I have not found out yet how to resolved on mobile data only


AndrewL Moderator
@Gandalf2: Please can you confirm the model number of your phone? As per the observation offered by @Sirgol, are you able to send emails via Wifi?

Hi. Thanks for your response.


Its a Galaxy 9. I cannot send emails via Wifi.

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Since update today, non-stop "sending email" notification in tray. Tried reboot. No way to force stop or clear app memory. S8 Active

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Maybe fixed? Wiped partition cache. Uptime now over an hour with no reoccurrence of stuck "sending email" notification. Internet search "wipe partition cache" and your model to see the procedure. It's harmless and has fixed MANY problems for me over the years, especially after major updates


Hope that fixed your issues for you.

Still no success here, emailed Samsung again as others have also alluded to the same problem since the email update.


Hi, I cannot send emails either on Wifi or phone data. I am guessing after the update Samsung did not configure the outgoing email set up for Exchange Server accounts.

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Thank you Mattwood440. The wipe  cache 

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Thank you Mattwood440, the wipe cache partition did the trick for me!

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