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Samsung Email Version Issues


Yes, that does make sense. I will cross my fingers that the version for the Samsung S10 will be out soon. I've used this email app for so long that I really don't want to change unless it becomes so unreliable. What really frustrates me is that a large company like Samsung should really be doing a more rigorous product testing before they release an update that causes so much grief. It disturbs me that such a large company like Samsung and its approved software developers could let this bug pass through.  I should not be used for beta testing unless I approve it and this is how this upgrade appears to mr, something not tested at all.   This is the second time in 2 years something major has happened with this app.  Ok I have vented   Crossing fingers the update rolled out today for the rest of us. 


Agreed. Especially when the functionality that was broken (at least for me) in the duff version was core functionality -  ie interaction with Exchange Active Sync - email push. On a work phone the app was useless without that.

I agree JonaW that Samsung missed the Exchange Account send functionality (or something) and for people who use this for work it is extremely frustrating. It's been what, 6 weeks now and this is still not fixed! Very disappointing. Perhaps people could email the Developer of the app which I believe can be found on your phone with respect to the details section of the email app.
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My is S8 and still running Android 8 so the new email update is not available.


When I got into trouble with vesrsin, I was still on Android 8 on my Note 8. And get ***** up with it.

Meanwile they retreived it from Google Play and Samsung Store, so thats why you no longer get it.

But for us that udated it some 6 weeks ago we were "pick on the net", and since then I cannot roll back my ***** version to the previous one, nor we can get a updatet one with Exchange funcionality of sending mails with no faults.

For professional use this is, ate least frustating and ubdeserved form Samsung fidel clients. Better to change brand. or oune 3rd party app like Outlook.


Even worse for anybody that's bought the new 10 10E or 10 plus the big problem is they loaded it with that 6.001 software and you are unable to roll it back as there is no roll back, sigh. So anybody who buys this phone is stuck until Samsung decides to come out with the update it's extremely frustrating and I regret my decision to buy the 10. At this time  . And of course getting any response from Samsung as to when they are going to come out with the update is impossible. I was lucky to get anybody to even admit that they had made a mistake and that was 3 weeks ago.

I feel your pain JASP. Hopefully Samsung Developers will see this thread and find a solution to the mistake.

Hi Shumandy,

If you use Exchange Account for email I suggest that you do not update the Samsung Email, which is a separate update.


HI Everyone, There is a beta version you can get directly from the developer - Email them and let them know the issue and give them your google account email so they can register you for the beta version that works fine.

See below for the email they sent me


From: "b2b sec" <>
To: "b2b sec" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 8:58:45 PM
Subject: Samsung Email - Beta Test

Dear customer,


If you would like to use a beta version of the Email application that solves the problem of stacking in the mail outbox, please reply to this email.

Please share your Google account to register for the beta version.


Fixed issue :
- Fail to send in EAS account

- mismatch font & background color


Thank you.

Samsung Electronics Email Team

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I sent an email to the developer and this morning I got an automated update and my version is now and Send is working again. Also the previous mail I tried to send but was missing in my Send folder all got sent out after this update as well. My Android version is still 8.0.0.
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