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Samsung Cloud Service Policy Changes


Has anyone else had this email? :smileyfrustrated:

I currently pay for extra storage every month (only 79p) but wondering if my app data won't be backed up anywhere from 6th Feb onwards? Pretty miffed about this if not as what happens when I want to upgrade my phone?!



Samsung Cloud Service Policy Changes

Hello, we would like to inform you that the service policy of Samsung Cloud has changed. This change impacts the Secure Folder backup and restore service since the Secure Folder backup and restore service also uses Samsung Cloud service.

From February 6th, 2018, the following changes will be applied:


□ Service Policy Changes

- Changes: “App data” backup not supported in Samsung Cloud

   * Examples of App data: Data saved or used for settings in some third party apps installed on mobile devices.

- After this change, you will not be able to back up app data or restore previously backed up app data in Samsung Cloud. Customers who need to back up app data should do so using the backup and restore features provided by the application itself.

- Please note that you can continue to use the Secure Folder backup and restore service even after the change to the Samsung Cloud service policy, and it only affects app data backup and restore.


Disposal of Personal Information

- Target: App data for users who backed up apps

- After this change, we will promptly destroy your personal information that was collected for the purpose of delivering the service. However, if there is the obligation to retain information in accordance with the provisions of the relevant statutes, the information shall be retained, and immediately destroyed after the expiration of the retention period prescribed by current and applicable regulations.


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Superuser I

Hi @K8marieuk


I'm in the UK and have not received this email. 


That said I do not use the Secure Folder its referring to. 



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I also received this email in the Netherlands
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Yes i received this email too , i am from lebanon 


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Yes, I have received that email too. I'm from the Philippines. What are we going to do now?

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I think u should move your data from samsung cloud to personel memory (hard-disk , usb flash memory ,, )
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Not sure if you guys have noticed but the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app was just updated to allow backup and restore from external sdcard, and I believe this includes 3rd party apps.

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Did not notice this,  thanks for the update.  Made a new backup to sd card now. Also for  secure apps and data.

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How about SMS backed up to Samsung cloud? Are these affected?

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Those still get backed up.

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