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Samsung 8 calender sync issues

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Hi. I have 2 phones Samsung 8 for work and a iPhone for personal use.

My iPhone calendar syncs fine and can see all entries are correct.

However Samsung 8 calender and Google calender are not syncing correctly and Is frustrating to find out I can't fix it and need help.. can anyone advise. Thanks 

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I have the same issue... Did you get yours fixed?

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Did you get this resolved? Mine wont aync fb birthdays.. i dont really use social media but its handy to have reminders for borthdays etc..
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I got the same issue. Before the latest update I was fine. Now I get incomplete and sporadic updating!

This seem to be an area that noone answers. Why? Is this a common Samsung problem?
I have the same problem on an XCOVER 3 and also on aan XCOVER4.
Most entries are syncroniser, but for some Google Calendars only some entries show up on the phones, others do not.
Have tried all advices to fix sync problems, but no luck. On the computer the Google calendars are complete, but on the phones entries are missing, specifically for the publlic calendar "Hollidays in Sweden".
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