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Samsung 8 Picture thief . Lost over thousand pictures and it stores randim ones

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Samsung ***** 8 hate this phone never will I get a Samsung again which I mainly got for camera . But I'm  Absolutely motified how many pics and all the time and effort of taking them, just to be wiped. Pictures that was for my work, all gone.. because of this *****e phone ... and worse still I'm contracted to it for another year grrrrr

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @trishaswisha
At this stage it's worth checking all the potential locations of the missing pictures.
1. Apps > Gallery (check the Pictures, Albums and Stories tabs). You can also check the recycle bin by tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner and selecting Settings > Recycle Bin)
2. Apps > Samsung (Folder) > My Files > Images
3. Apps > Google (Folder) > Photos (WiFi or Mobile Data connection required).
Can you confirm if you we using a specific app or service when you noticed that your images were missing? Did you see any error messages?

Hey I checked every place possible, but still couldn't find them. One major thing I did before the picture disappeared was trying to move picture from a macbook to my s8 using Android File Transfer.

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