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Samsun J6+ issue with activating

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Could you please help me, I have purchased unlocked Samsung J6+ in Serbia, and sent it to Australia to a friend. Now she is not able to activate SIM cards. The device is working perfectly without SIMs, but with them in it, the device is showing this info: "SIM network unlock PIN: ____" offering two buttons: unlock and dismiss. 

Can we somehow unblock it from Australia, or she should return the device to Serbia for unblocking?

Thanks in advance for answer and help.

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Superuser I

Was the phone purchased directly from Samsung @Miljana  ?


If so it should be unlocked to all network's however the phone would have had to be used in the country of origin via making at least 10 minutes of calls using a local sim card to remove the region lock.


You could try contacting your countries Samsung Support Department to ask them to help with this or have the phone sent back to you to carry out the above.


If the phone was not purchased directly from Samsung then there's a good chance its not actually unlocked to all network's and needs an unlocking code from the Network it's on.



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