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S9 Ringtone preview not working

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I got an S9 yesterday, my settings were transferred from the S7 had before.  When I try to change the ringtones or notifications,  no preview plays. And they dont work when I get calls or texts.  I already tried RESET SETTINGS, no luck. 

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Do the pre set ringtones work Ok @AJFav


If they do then the ringtones you've transferred over maybe glitching. 


Are you able to delete those and re download them perhaps from Zedge.


If the Pre Set ringtones are not working and your not in airplane mode or have the sounds set to vibrate then a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre will be able to help. 


Do the speakers work Ok ?


At this stage it may also be beneficial to check any cooling off period to get the phone replaced. 



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None of the ringtones play a preview when selected.  I got a text message after I posted last night and it did play the tone I selected.  But the preview still does nothing.  I'll stop by the Samsung counter at Best Buy this weekend.

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I figured it out.  The ring tone applet was opening a file menu.  Had to set the default app to media something, there were two options; ES File Manager and the correct one.

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