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Hi can i have as much info on s8 as poss please iv had every S series since the s3 and all i get online is what could be and i never believe the leaked images.



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When is it due for release and how much


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Hi @Slowery654 and @Vrf28. :smileyhappy:


Our (official) lips are sealed on this... for now. But we're happy for all you peeps in the Community to discuss your thoughts, queries and speculation.


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I hope there's an update on this soon.... my contracts nearly up for renewal and I'm holding out for the s8
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As far as I know (from what has been said around) is it will have the iris scanner like in the note 7, a rear finger print scanner on both models (S8/S8+) both are said to have dual edges so no flat model this year! it will have a QHD screen 6.1" rectangle with 6.2" inc curves. No home button this time around allowing for this bigger screen it will not get wider but will get taller by around 9mm. I hope it has Samsungs new AI assistant built in with it's own dedicated button. In built memory starting at 64GB which I hold Samsung will allow the SD expansion to be able to be combined this year. USB-C (Horray!) with all the normal things you come to expect NFC etc. 4GB of ram (6gb was a pipe dream) and 3d touch like operation. 

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