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S8 wifi calling

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I bought an uncarrier S9+ direct from Samsung. It indeed have wifi calling and HD Calling. But it's hidden. Wifi calling is located in the phone dialer setting menu.


HD Calling is a very important feature. This feature enables you to talk and surf. It also dramatically increase your data speed. Before HD Calling was enabled, I was getting 25 to 30 Mbps download. Now I'm getting 160 Mbps download even when on a voice call while it's raining.


To enable HD Calling, download Shortcut Master (Secret Codes) Lite from developer vndnguyen.


1) From the option menu located in the upper right hand corner, choose Search.


2) There is a search field at the bottom of the screen. Type lte then hit the Search key.


3) Scroll down to Mobile Networks. Choose the one that show EnhancedLteServices. Then click Launch. Then click the box to enable HD Calling.


Why does Samsung and the carriers deny this feature on unlock phones? Is this evil doing because between Google, Samsung, and the wireless carriers may have some kind of agreement? 






On my s8+ none carrier WiFi calling is fine once it was switched on at o2 end. The he calling is in settings just search let.

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Screenshot_20181013-080551.jpgFinally appeared inside the menu. Thank you!




Well after having WiFi calling for almost a year after a reboot today it has gone from the menu and is no longer working.


2 hours later it's back on the menu and all is fine.

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Great news, @Starone! Thanks for letting us know!

the same exactly issue
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