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S8 smart lock - trusted location issue

As said before, only clearing Google Maps cache helps, no other. Also I have noticed that when I come to my home from work it almost works 100% all the time. But in the mornings when I have stayed in home all night it might ask me again the PIN code. In that case I must restart the phone and open it first time with the PIN code and zoom in Google Maps so close that I see for sure that Google Maps really wants me at that Trusted location close to the one of the three pins which I have placed around my home as trusted places. Annoying, but works.

This issue is caused by the fact that the phone really doesn't understand It's exact location most of the time. Also another problem is that Trusted place range from the Selected trusted pin can't be defined large enough. After checking closely the locations of the phone finds me when the Smart Lock doesn't work I found three different locations, all of them on my yard. Smart lock feature is so picky that even some ten meters away from the defined location causes it to fail.

Pretty sure a few of us have said before this has not worked for us, hell I even did a factory reset and it hasn't worked, I'm assuming a factory reset clears the cache as well


I have had this same problem for over 8 months. Several times a day I have to go into settings and add my home location again to the long list of all the other times I had to do the same. Samsung lied and sold me a bunch of technology they knew didn't work. I paid over$1200.00 for this S Note 8. It also won't work with any call recording app, only records my voice -stupid- who needs that, nobody. I called customer service, they were extremely rude  refused to let me speak to a superviser, made me wait on hold for over an hour waiting to speak to a supervisor then hung up on me, this happened 6 times, took up my entire day trying to call samsung. Tried to use the chat line and it was a robot computer which kept asking me for my email no matter what I typed in...which meant samsung doesnt even respect its customers enough to give them a live person to speak with when they need tech issues solved...and they were most likely gathering emails to sell to their affiliates. I think thry dokd my phone number to everyone because my number called sometimes 20 times a day by robo callers and my number has been on the do not call list since 2006. I also think they preprogram my last 2 phones get so full of tech issues and also had same problem with robo calls. They always tell me at the store that it is a hardware problem and I have had to buy a new phone every 6 to 8 months at over $1000.00 a piece for the last 5 years.  I am done. I am not buying samsung anymore...too many problems and they never maje a solution. Today all of my call recordings vanished completely.  Those were my property and the samsung customer service girl erased them to show me whose boss.  They all disappeared 10 mins after she hung up on me when I told her I would not buy another Samsung phone because I have never ever gotten a single thing fixed when reaching out to samsung customer service. I needed those recordings for my job and she deleted them like they were her property...and samsung will keep paying her to be rude and keep ripping off every customer who call for tech help. They used to be a good company but now that they saw us repeatedly pay an incredible amount of money for their poor products, they naturally treat us like *****s and suckers instead of loyal customers. 


I have one of the cheapest phone models and I have pinned the problem down to Google Maps and Android OS behaviour. Of course Samsung might have something wrong with their add-ons to the system with various phone models.


As said above, how close to the Trusted place Google Maps locate you is one culprit. The other is the general bug that system loses the knowledge where it is when some time has passed (like over night) and requires phone Restart. After system update or if none of these will not help, then Google Maps cache must be cleared  (like after System update). 


Have you checked by zooming in Google maps to so close that you can not zoom no more, where phone finds you. In my case 10 meters was enough to make phone to think that it is not in a Trusted place no more. I know that if you don't live in a city, phone might locate you kilometers away.

Not really typing this out again so c&p:


 "Pretty sure a few of us have said before this has not worked for us, hell I even did a factory reset and it hasn't worked, I'm assuming a factory reset clears the cache as well"


And you claim that Google Maps showed your location inside 10 meter radius of the marked trusted location when it didn't work, even after Restarting the phone and zooming in with Maps to verify your location. If I remember correctly you lived outside of the city, am I right? 


Heres grab from a video of it drifting around my house, I would say that's within 10 meters so not much of a claim more reality, not sure your end game here, simple fact is clearing the app cache did not work the multiple times I've  tried it so you just banging your head against a wall here, location of my home, city or not is of no consequence1524683674541.jpg





In my case location kept also wandering and changing three different locations, but adding those and Restarting the Phone every morning keeps it going one full day at the time without the need of clearing cache at all now. After phone Restart it takes some minutes to establish the carrier and after that Smart lock starts to operate. If the phone doesn't find you at a fixed point within a certain radius (which only Google or Samsung knows) it won't activate the feature. 

I think that you are missing my point here. I totally agree that this feature sucks in your case, but also want other users to know that the feature is semi-usable in cases where some fixed points can be established (semi-usable since the phone must be restarted every morning, and outside the home first time phone is opened system thinks that I am still at home ; )


My drift was random so i couldn't do specific points, i did tgr circle around my house but no luck, I'm working on a two app fix right now just gotta configure it, tasker and secure settings, supposed to pin lock phone when you disconnect from home wifi, remove lock when connected, would be nice to have a feature like that in smart lock, probably more reliable

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Hi all.


I've taken off the 'Accepted Solution' marker on this one. Do any of you guys experiencing this issue have access to the Samsung Members app to send our software team an error report and log files for them to look into it? (Within 15 minutes of it happening, open Samsung Members app > select Support > Send Feedback > Error Reports > Application > tick Send System Log Data, and attach a description of the problem.)


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