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S8 service provider update has stopped



I have done as instructed 

I forced stopped dqa 

When I switch from 4g to Wi-Fi the error remains service provider update has stopped 

Frustrating lol


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Download booster is off. Developer option is closed. DQA is force closed.

I turn off my wifi and turn it on again.
And this error came up again right after i turn my wifi on
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@Simbcfc1 and @Ra_Fa: Does this happen on 4G and Wi-Fi or just Wi-Fi?


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I always take a screenshot when this error came up and report it to Samsung.
So I can make sure that this error came up on both Wifi and 4G.
But, when I turn wifi off and connect via 4G. This error didn't come up right after. When I turn my 4G off and change to Wifi. This error came up right after.
Hi happens on both randomly
It also guaranteed to happen when switching from 4g to wifi
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Superuser I

Does it happen if you use 3g in place of 4g just wondering if it's a lte setting



I switched my phone to 3g mode and turned off Wi-Fi, soon as I turn on Wi-Fi again I get the same error 

To confirm it happens on both 3g and 4 g settings 


Hey Samsung please help us to Solve this problem 

--- service provider has been stoped ---

I have do all of this things : 


1.Contact samsung service center and sent my phone for 3 days to them

2.hard reset my phone for 3 times 

3.clear cache for all apps in normal and safe mode 

4.force close dqp

5.have a developer options 

6.root my phone and unrooted again 

7.try some other versions of samsung softwares downloaded from


I will be sick from this pop up message 

It's happened some times in games - in apps- when you connect to the internet using 4G or Wifi -when you try to push on Download system updates manually !!!!!


That's all. please solve this problem in system new update and don't ask me to do any thing i'm really going to be crazy from it because i've tried every thing 


I found that if you go to settings/connections/phone visibility and turn that on it gets rid of the error message. However that's not a real fix because who wants to walk around allowing people to see y our phone and allow file transferring all day long.


@AntS wrote:

Hi all,


Just to go over some stuff for the tech folks at our end:


How frequently are you getting this error message?


Are both your software and all of your apps up to date?


And does the message still appear after a day's normal use after clearing both the cache and data from the Service Provider app? Settings > Apps > Show System Apps > Service Provider Update > Storage > Clear Cache, and Clear Data.



This bloody msg appears everytime the phone connects to wifi. Everytime i connect to a wifi, it pops up. But sometimes it just pops up even when im not using wifi, not as frequent though, i guess it gets bored and decided to be a turd and show up once in awhile.


Went to samsung svc center twice, yes! TWICE!!


After sending the device in twice and still not rectified, i gave up! All hope is lost.


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