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S8 restoring cloud data from old device

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Hi, I've got a new Samsung S8 after my previous S7 broke. Thankfully I had backed up everything on the Samsung Cloud. I need to restore the text messages from the S7 onto the new phone. So, on my S8 device I've gone to "Cloud and Accounts", then "Samsung Cloud", scrolled down to the backup for "Galaxy S7" and selected the "restore data". I can see the Messages are there (about 2700 of them) but when I press "RESTORE", I get the message "Can't restore data. Samsung Cloud didn't respond. Try again later".


I've tried this a few times but same problem over and over. Anyone know what the problem is? I can see the messages are there and backed up from the old phone, and the whole point of keeping all the backups under one Samsung Cloud account is precisely so that you can restore to any one device, so why won't it?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @AK123.


Did you manage to get this to work or are you still having the same issue?

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