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S8 rear camera loses focus all the time.

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Dear Samsung,


I know there are a few topics on this doscussion and I do know the solution to the problem.


My problem is that it keeps happening to a point that makes it almost impossible for me to use my rear camera.


Every time an app,not the same one, needs updates the camera will go all blurry unable to focus and then sometimes i will restart after updated and it will be fixed sometimes it takes its time and fixes itself.


My problem is that I notice it at least twice a week!!

S8 is an expensive phone can ypu Hotfix this glitch please?


That happens to me too I think it's that I miss the fingerprint sensor and hit the camera lens instead. Sometimes restarting the phone can return the auto focus but for me it only lasted for some minutes, so I tried to shake my phone a bit (I know sounds strange) but it came back to normal I think the camera in my phone moved or something like that if not you can contact Samsung support, hope that helps.
This is quite a well known problem for the galaxy s8 and plus models.
Its a hardware problem where the lens gets stuck in macro focus. A small tap on the side of the phone usually resolves the problem.
As its a hardware problem, there is no 'hotfix' which can be created.

Obviously we shouldn't have to put up with faulty hardware so call Samsung for a repair if you want.
Be wary though. Samsung customer service is poor, that's why i choose to just 'put up with it'.
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