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S8 plus not charging

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My galaxy s8 plus not charging anything I can do to make it work??

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Superuser I

May I ask...

Has it charged previously ?

If so did you let the battery deplete all the way down ? If so it can take a short while Sometimes to start charging.

Which method are you using ?
I.e. Charging pad or stand ? Original accessories or 3rd party.

Direct from wall socket to phone via supplied charger and charger cord ? If so try another wall socket and or another power cord.

Try hooking up the phone to a computer using the cord.

If you have a Samsung store local then go there.
If not then enquire where it was supplied from.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Hi I have the same issue with my 1 day old phone, I spent like 4 hrs setting up my phone for this to happen, now T mobile is making me wait 7 -30 days to get a working brand new Phone. Since I purchased it over the phone I can only send in and wait for them to confirm it is defective, before they ship one out. Hope u are not having my issue.

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