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S8 oreo battery drain


It's absolutely horrible still.

I tried disabling everything I could, I tried restricting background data and background activity on everything I could. Nothing helps.

I eventually did factory reset and still nothing, still the same battery drain.

Went to bed with 40% battery at 10pm last night, at 3am it was down to 15%. 


Thanks Samsung for ruining my phone!


Firstly, I just want to say big thank you to Samsung for quick replies to my posts 

Secondly, my battery problem seems to be going away when I turn on my mobile data  I thought that maybe there's an app that's using mobile data in the background and that results in higher battery usage, so I disabled background data on everything I could but that didn't help at all.
When using phone in Safe Mode battery drain is still present. Only turning off mobile data, or switching to airplane mode fixes the battery drain porblem.


So in my opinion it definitely is a Firmware issue.


After trying different scenarios my conclusion is that the modem firmware is buggy . It consumes battery even idle on 4G/3G networks. The same bug was consuming battery even on airplane mode in the first 4 Oreo releases !!! The airplane mode now is fixed , but the 4G idle drain is still present . Nobody knows if Samsung is aware of the bug . They released so many updates but not yet fixed ..... Terrible


Any new update to the issue?  I'm still on Nougat because of this and I will only update when this is resolved. Should I move to oreo?


Have you guys heard about Samsung's fine in Italy for planned obsolescence? What do you think??


It has been so long since we have reported the issue and I suspect that this thing was on purpose. I say this because the S9 Had worst battery life since its launch and probably Samsung didnt want the S8 to be better than the newer model. So they probably made S8 self consuming battery to push you for upgrade.  

Personally I sold the S8 and now I'm with Note 9 which is way better in battery. Since you waited so long with nougat I think you might hold a bit longer and go directly to Pie. 

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The issue was fixed a few updates fine now...

Has it really been fixed? I'm running the latest firmware and my battery life still sucks even tho I've disabled background activity on anything I could and the same with background data. Still if I don't touch my phone, with aod off, it will drop 1% per hour. My mobile signal is very very good. Nothing running in the background.
If I start using my phone I'm lucky if I get 2hrs SOT.
While my wife's S9 seems to be consuming a lot less battery and she's got everything possible enabled, she never clears notifications and her phone if full of rubbish apps. Somehow she still gets over 3hrs SOT. Her phone if untouched will consume 1% battery per hour with AOD enabled. If I enable aod on my s8 it will then consume 3-4% battery per hour.

So I really don't think it's been fixed.

OMG! the thing about planned obsolescence must be true then... I believe we should somehow push Sam to fix this for the S8.  All you guys having S8 we should start reportng this to make them  fix this.  (only with publicity such matters are fixed!!!)


Vageli i believe that Pie is going to make things even worse... How your Note 9? happy with it? 



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I just flashed the leaked beta of android p onto my s8 and have tried the new adaptive battery as well, neither have helped the problem, I just want to have the battery life I was promised on the box when I bought the phone.


Guys I think I’’ stay on Nougat because I get good battery life according to your reports.

  1. I get 100-30% with 3,23h SOT , 2h calls and 1,5h internet 4G (black screenshots).
  2. I can barely get 5,21h SOT if don’t charge it until 18% or something. (white screenshots, internet full Wi-fi, no 4G) I usually charge at 30% cause I want to maintain good battery life.

Have you guys experience any similar battery life on Oreo or Pie beta? Can someone gives as some feedback (screenshots) from Pie Beta?Screenshot_20180811-022810.pngS8 Nougat


Screenshot_20180811-022817.pngS8 Nougat


Screenshot_20190221-143545.pngS8 Nougat


Screenshot_20190221-143551.pngS8 Nougat


Screenshot_20190221-143559.pngS8 Nougat


Screenshot_20190221-143612.pngS8 Nougat


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