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S8+ making strange beeping noise



Every time I unlock the my phone it makes a really horrid bleeping sound, the kind you would associate with a very low battery, now it has started doing it for 5-10 seconds after I unlock, I have turned off the unlock sound and I have restarted but it is still doing it. Any advice? 


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Brilliant, thanks the NFC setting fixed mine too.

My gosh, thank you so much for your post. I've had this random noise for a few weeks and it got worse after software update. Noise was happening all the time. Found NFC was on. So glad to have this resolved. 

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Omg I googled and read these comments so I went into settings and wrote NFC and clicked into it and it was on. I only put my card into my phone case a week ago when the noise started that's pretty scary. So turned it off n noise has gone.

This is totally the correct fix. Thanks for sharing!
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