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S8 lockscreen clock

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I want to know if everyone has this bug and if a solution is around the corner.

I m not talking about the AlwaysOnDisplay which is ok. I m talking about the lockscreen clock which after QG3 update and now on QH3 whenever I change the background of the lockscreen it reverts to stock white stacked style although theme was applied before but its clock style goes away.

Screenshot_20170906-111627.pngBefore bacground change, theme clock style ok.



Screenshot_20170906-111722.pngAfter lockscreen background change, lockscreen clock spoiled

 It happens on at least 10 themes I ve tried with even horizontal or vertical clock style.

So anyone with a solution?

It's not a matter of factory reset, already tried. Also unboxed a second brand new s8 with the stock fw, everything was working fine, just after the update same thing as in mine happened.

Thanks for your time


I noticed this too recently, whenever I apply a theme, the lockscreen only applies the wallpaper, the clock remains the stock stacked looking clock. cannot get it to show my themes clock style
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