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S8 freezes a bit after aswering call, after Android 9 update

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After updating to Android 9.0 I noticed that sometimes (about one time a month) after answering a phone call, the phone  freezes... The ringtone stops, it gets me to the window where I can put the phone to speaker, end call, etc, but I cant press any button, I dont hear the person and vice versa... After a few seconds  the call timer starts to work and to hear the other person... I dont encounter any other freezes,except in this aplication...


I tried aplication wipe cache, partition wipe cache, factory reset, android update to a newer oficial version via Odin(2 times in a row)... Nothing works... I still get freezes after answering a call from time to time...


This wasnt happening on Android 8 so I am prety sure that this is a bug... Samsung please dig on this! 


Does anyone has freezes else like me?



Thank you! 

Superuser I
Superuser I
Oh dear, Using Odin might be the issue here. I recommend going to an official Samsung Service point to get an official flash from Samsung itself. Thats probably the best way to go.

Using an old leaked version of Odin might (worst case scenario) brick the phone. Also outdated/wrong model flashes could also cause issues hence I recommend only doing that though the official channels.
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