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S8 camera portrait view issue

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Hi there.. whoever ends up reading this... hopefully you can help me.


My camera has never had an issue, until tonight. 


When i turn the camera to portrait the screen turns half the size and the focus is very weird.. not only that i have no button on the screen to take a photo and when swiping left or right to get the camera options/settings nothing happens and none of the previous options are shown.


When i turn the camera to landscape mode the full screen displays and settings and options reappear...


As j mentions everything worked like a dream preciously but i don't have a clue what is going on! Any help would be much appreciated!Screenshot_20180605-215603_Camera.jpgScreen shown wjen in portrait mode and swiping screen doesnt show options


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Can you try and reset camera settings?

Do this via: Camera > Settings > Reset settings.

You can also Reset camera app via:
Settings > Apps > Camera app > storage > Clear Cache + Clear data

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Hey there, @Dchurch! How have you gotten on, has the advise from Tali-K helped with this?

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I've the exactly same issue and tried to reset camera settings, but it doesn't work.

Anyone knows how to solve this issue?



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To anyone just finding this now, the way I fixed this is by turning on split screen feature for the phone whilst in another app (I was in browser) and the other app I used for the other screen was the camera app. Then went back to normal mode (single screen,with not split screen). That fixed the problem for me.

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