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S8 bluetooth not connecting


I have a brand new S8.  Bluetooth will pair and work with my car, but with other bluetooth devices (GPS running watch, Garmin bike computer, BT headphones) will pair but not connect.  All devices worked fine with my previous phone (Xperia XA).  Bluetooth is probably the major thing I need to work (apart from making calls!), is a patch on the way?  I have spent probably 10 hours trying every permutation of unpairing, clearing caches, repairing, with WIFI off etc. etc. etc., none of it made any difference.  Hope someone Samsung end sees this.

There is more likely a fault in your device, if you go into the Samsung Members app - pre installed on your device at launch, it has a diagnostics section at the very end of the app. check the hardware and see if the Bluetooth functionality is Normal; if not, then you should have grounds for a repair under warranty. if it is normal. try resetting all your Bluetooth devices - if they have been connected to previous devices and try again.
You could always get it repaired via Samsung customer services too, still should be under warranty. I am not sure if this is a software only issue as it doesn't seem to be a widespread occurrence, you could try waiting for the September security patch to see if it fixes it but that may take a while to arrive.
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