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S8 battery drain quickly under 15%


I've got my S8 for 8 months now. But lately (2 months now!) when the battery ration got to 15% suddenly my phone's battery drop to zero (even when I'm not working with it) and turn off! I don't know what is the problem. 
I'd appreciate if you could help me! 

Superuser I
Superuser I
Did you already try using the device maintenance tool?

Go to settings -> Device Maintenance.

You might also wish to calibrate your phone (Fully recharging it after it turns off, this will train the phone to know your actual battery status).

Can you tell us if that helps?

No, I hadn't tried Device Maintenance. I will tell you if it works. But I already have tried to calibrate my phone and it doesn't work! Every time my battery got the 15 % alarm for power saving the phone turn off.

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I GOT the same annoy problem. I hace calibrated and I use the maintenance Tool, but it is still happening.

Any solución?
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