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S8 always on display notifications not showing on screen

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I have changed nothing on my phone. However I don't get the icons on the screen anymore. My phone flashes but doesn't show on screen. I have checked my settings and notifications are on


Any ideas? 

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Hi @Mrefc


Do you mean hen the phone receives a notification and you double tap it from the AOD to launch it ?


If this was my situation I'd first try a soft reboot by turning the phone Off and On. 

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The same thing happened to me. My phone does not show any missed calls, whatsapp messages or email notifications below the clock/battery anymore since yesterday. the LED notification still works.

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Same thing for me, except I'm using an A3 2017.   Clock shows up but icon alerts below it no longer show up.


Any ideas???

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Figured out my own problem - when you don't have lock screen security turned on, notifications won't show up.  Pretty annoying it was designed this way (I don't need screen unlock).

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Hello, just change your screen lock type frome "none" to "swipe" and notifications will appear again

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Wow, I spent too long to finally read this. Thanks.  I don't have a need for the security so this is annoying to have to have it on just to see those notifications.

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Notifications used to display on my S8+, with no security, but now I need at least a screen swipe, or I get no notifications on my ADO, how do I get back to notified, w no security? 

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Same here, and I don't want security to access them. How do we change that?
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It didn't used to be that way. I got notifications on ADO, and just hard pressed home key to access them, is there a way to return to that?
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