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S8 - after update to Android 9 Pie, Always on Display not working


Solved with Factory reset

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Johnboy1979's solution worked fore me!


Quite the tucked away AOD-options menu...


Thankfully I did NOT go straight to the "Solved!" solution of "Factory Reset."

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Thank you! I didn't realize "tap to show" was an option. I just thought it wasn't working. After clicking one of the other 2 options it worked like before update.
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Having the AOD issue here, in the settings it's all on as it should be but still not working. Hoping it starts working as I don't want to resort to a factory reset then have to f$#k around getting everything back to how to want it again.

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I just got my S8 figured out, You dont do factory reset of the phone but of the app it self. 

Settings>Lock Screen>Always on Display>About Always On Display>i ( In the top right corner)> click on version on the bottom. then theres > reset to factory

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Just tried that. Nothing happens when I press on version. Tried the factory reset the other day, still nothing.


On a side note though, AOD does work for me, just not with the clear view cover.

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