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S8 - after latest update AOD not working with Clear View cover

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After updating 07/06/18 the AOD still works fine with the phone itself but not with the Clear View cover.

My clear view case is genuine and has worked fine for 2yrs, puchased with the phone directly from Samsung.

Checked and triple checked the settings. 

Have tried restarts, turning off/on, clearing the cache and reset of settings. Any suggestions?

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I've actualy have the exact same problem, I've even factory reset my phone and it didn't worked. It would be great to have a solution because I love AOD

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After installing the latest update, I too found the AOD would switch off with the clear view case closed. I've only found one AOD that still works - the one with miniscule font that runs up either side of the phone (so in the scheme of things, useless).  Come on Samsung, get your s*** together. You have some unhappy customers.

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Interesting find SoulReaper15 - I tried that particular clock style you mention and it does work.....but as you say, it's useless because of the small font size. Wonder why that one works but none of the others?
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