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S8 Screen Scratch

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I bought my wife an s8 for her 30th after her having the note 4 for about 4 years. Her note 4 gave her no grief or issues and she loved it but I felt she deserved an upgrade. On the first day of having it she takes it to her school in her handbag, phones me during her lunch break upset to tell me there is a large deep scratch on the top left of the phone. At first she thought it was a hair or something from her bag but nope. She has no idea what or how its happened and told me it was zipped up in her inner bag pocket just like she had always done with her note 4. Whats going on how can she go for 4 years with the note 4 with only slight surface scratches and then I buy the top end phone that lasts 1 day sorry half a day. Im truly gobsmacked. There has to be a manufacturing issue. I have been reading other people finding it is scratching far too easy. Someone from Sumsung please respond. To you its just another phone but to me its a years savings and someones special memory.

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Hi @MrKevG.


Fully appreciate the value to you here. :smileysad: The best thing to do is have the phone checked out at your nearest Support Centre as they'll be able to identify any manufacturing issues with that specific phone.

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I recently bought S8 plus after having using Note 4 for 2 yrs. Within 2 days, I started noticing some patch on the screen near the speaker slot on the top. This patch will go off after cleaning with a cloth. But will reappear immediately. I ignored it. But in next 1 month, I started noticing the central area on the screen looking blurry or smudged. They were not scratches. I took utmost care to handle the phone. But the screen was becoming blurred in the center area where you use the finger touch to interact with the screen. It is like if you rub your thumb on a polished plastic paper, it will become blurry. I took the phone to support center. They said the screen is faulty. They replaced the screen as I was entitled to one-time replacement. But now I a scared if this will happen again. This is not expected from a super expensive flagship phone. Your note 4 phone was strong than this fragile phone. 

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