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S8 Scratch - 1 week old


My phone is one week old and has already recieved a scratch, not a particularly bad one, but a scratch nontheless. I didn't have this problem with iphone and if i knew the s8 scratched easily i would've gone for my second option, the huawei nova 2, however is there a fix which doesn't require to spend an unanimous amount of money on? all it did was fall out of my pocket, how come it scratched so easily? 

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Superuser I

I've had my s8 since launch and had it naked for around 3 weeks with no marks. 


That said I didn't drop it and keep it in a belt holster instead of in my jeans pockets. 


Any phone can mark up even with the different varieties of Gorilla Glass if dropped or comes into contact with keys / coins etc in ones pocket. 


I have a Rhinoshield Bumper , dbrand Black Dragon back skin and Samsung Film shield display protector on it. 


May i ask where the scratch is ?


If on the body  / chassis then use a case or Bumper to hide it. 


If on the back then maybe a skin to hide it. 


If on the display then a Tempered glass screen protector or a film type one like the option I use could hide it. 

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